BEFORE THAT we go earn with WordPress and earn money
Please be aware of the quick rich method

Let’s learn a few Money making methods How to Earn with WordPress.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way to sell for others and WordPress provides you the opportunity to create your personal blog post-Long content and make it link to affiliate market products.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular way to earn from the WordPress platform using Your Blog. On WordPress Blog, you can place ads on your website and You can earn huge income Only from Your Blog but before that, you need to create traffic for the blog which is the most important factor in Blogging.

Sell Ads Directly

If you have a successfully  popular WordPress website its a sign of Profit for you by simply selling ads to earn money

  • Pro Pakistani   
  • Techjuice   
  • Mangobaaz

You can visit these sites and watch How they show ads on the website because they have huge traffic  and they sell ads to Generate Revenue

Sell Sponsored Blog Post

You can sell sponsored blog post can earn money, these are a native content blog which you can sponsor on behalf to used for blog is one way of making money.

Writing Reviews

if you want to write a review for your blogs or other blogs that also a beneficial way to generate income from your blog.

Online courses

You can Create Online course on different subjects and embed you all videos in WordPress blog  for selling is the Smart Way to provide Access to Many People in the WOrld


Freelance services are a great place to earn money using WordPress. Freelancer loves WordPress because of its Functionality Fast and Easy Use. With the skills of WordPress, you can design any type of website for clients within no time.

E-commerce Store

How much you can earn with WordPress with an E-commerce Store. E-commerce business is very emerging If you want to offer something to buy online you can create a beautiful and attractive e-commerce store to provide different types of Items.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress Plugin Design and Theme Design are Unique ways to earn money online using WordPress Content Management System


The overall Discussion above the main theme is to Learn WordPress it’s a Huge interest and client in the market. First Learn and then Remove L.